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Impairment Income Benefits in Houston

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Impairment Income Benefits, or IIBs for short, provide you with compensation once you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement. MMI just means there is no significant treatment that can help you further recovery from your injury or that you have received TIBs for 104 weeks (2 years). While TIBs are dependent on your work status, Impairment Income Benefits are not.

At Recalde Law Firm, PLLC in Houston, our workers' compensation attorneys provide experienced legal assistance for workers’ compensation cases. If you were injured but have now reached MMI, it is important to ensure that you receive you a fair impairment rating. The amount of impairment income benefits is based on your impairment rating.

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What You Should Know

IIBs provide income relief when you are unable to work even after reaching MMI. It is the next available option after Temporary Income Benefits, and it provides the same financial benefits as the TIBs. If you still need income relief after reaching MMI, Impairment Income Benefits can provide financial advantages so you can receive compensation.

Quick facts about IIBs:

  • They start the day after your reach MMI.
  • They are based on impairment ratings (the percentage of permanent physical damage to your body due to a work-related illness or injury).
  • You will be able to receive three weeks of IIBs for each percentage point of impairment rating you receive.
  • Unless, you receive a 15% or higher after you finish receiving IIBs, you will no longer receive any monetary benefits from workers’ compensation.

These payments are based on your impairment ratings. If you get a rating of 10%, for example, you will get three weeks for each percentage point, so you will receive 30 total payments (3x10). You can dispute your impairment rating, but you only have a limited time frame to do so. It is important to retain legal assistance from a Houston workers' compensation attorney to explore your options and fight to receive benefits and compensation.

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