Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You may be wondering when the appropriate time is to hire a Texas Workers’ Compensation lawyer or if you should hire one at all. While there is no requirement to hire an attorney, there are many benefits to hiring a Texas Workers’ Compensation lawyer if  you are injured on the job in Texas. At the Recalde Law Firm, we have attorneys that can properly advise you on your rights and benefits afforded to you under the law. The Recalde Law Firm can also represent you to help you navigate the complex workers compensation process in Texas.

The Recalde Law Firm can help with the procedural aspects of filing a claim. We can also assist in the dispute resolution process to make sure that the insurance company pays medical expenses and income benefits that  you may be owed.  If a claim is denied in its entirety, there are processes which include a Benefit Review Conference and/ or a Contested Case Hearing that can be used to resolve the denial. The Recalde Law Firm can help you get the benefits entitled to you.

There are various other disputes that can arise during your workers’ compensation claim; some of these disputes include extent of injury issues,  disputes over maximum medical improvement dates, impairment ratings as well as whether an injured worker is entitled to monetary benefits or not. The Recalde Law Firm, has experience in representing injured workers’ throughout the state of Texas. Call our office at 855-687-9903 to have your questions answered.

It is best to hire experienced workers compensation attorneys, like the ones at The Recalde Law Firm immediately after the injury. There are many time sensitive deadlines that must be met throughout the life of a claim and the attorneys at The Recalde Law Firm have years of experience of ensuring that these deadlines are met.

People have various reasons for hiring a Texas Workers’ Compensation Attorney; When their future financial condition and their ability to recover from an injury are at stake, it is best to take as many precautions as you can in order to protect yourself.  Contact The Recalde Law Firm at (855) 687-9903 to see how we might be able to help you.




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