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Court Order Enforcement Attorney in Houston

Skilled Lawyers for Family Law Cases

Once an order is entered in a case, you may come across a situation where one party is not following the outlined terms. In order to ensure they follow the court order, you may need to file an enforcement. At Recalde Law Firm, PLLC, our Houston family law attorneys can guide you through the process, explaining your rights and options along the way.

Typically, enforcements are filed for the following reasons:

  • Property enforcement
  • Child support enforcement
  • Spousal maintenance enforcement
  • Possession enforcement

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Factors Involved in the Enforcement

For a court order to be enforceable, it needs to be very specific. The following information must be shown clearly on the face of the court order:

  • Who is required to take action
  • What action the party is required to do
  • When the party is required to take the action
  • Where the party is required to take the action
  • How the party is required to take the action

If the terms of the order are not clear enough, you may also consider requesting a clarification from the court. Failure to make any court ordered payments can include taking away any tax refund from the party required to make the payment, jail time, suspension of driver’s license, passport revocation, and wage garnishment. If you are having problems receiving the payments that you are owed, the Houston family law lawyers at Recalde Law Firm, PLLC can help.

In regards to property division enforcement, there are time limitations on enforcements, so it is best to consult an attorney to see what your options are. If you have any questions regarding court orders and enforcements, we will be happy to provide you with the answers you need.

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