What Are Repetitive Trauma Injuries?

Repetitive trauma injuries are not often the result of an isolated, or one-time event. They happen gradually over time, and sufferers may not even be aware of the changes going on in their bodies until they notice pain or other physical symptoms. Repetitive trauma injuries can develop from making slight movements, like typing.

Who is Affected by Repetitive Trauma Injuries?

Repetitive trauma injuries can arise in a variety of situations and unsurprisingly, are becoming one of the most common types of workplace injuries. For example, an employee who uses a computer and sits for most of the day can suffer injuries from poorly positioned keyboards, mouse, or monitors. This can develop into carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the most prevalent types of injuries that come from working desk jobs.

On the other end of the spectrum, employees who work in factories on an assembly line or a construction site, are additional examples of those at risk for repetitive trauma injuries. Many of the mechanics of those jobs require making repetitive motions: lifting heavy objects, or pulling or pushing items around.

Am I Entitled to Compensation?

Yes! An injured worker who has suffered a repetitive trauma injury is entitled to compensation. One of the most difficult things in handling the repetitive trauma injuries is identifying the correct date of injury. Under the Texas Workers’ Compensation System, the date of injury is determined by when the injured worker knew or should have know that the injury was work related. Since the date of injury has a huge impact on repetitive trauma claims, it is always best to talk to a workers’ compensation attorney about these claims.

We Have Over a Decade of Experience

If you believe you have suffered repetitive trauma injury because of your work environment, then you should consult with our Houston workers’ compensation attorneys. We can familiarize you with the various workers’ compensation laws in Texas. There are strict deadlines on notifying your employers and filing workers’ compensation claims. Contact The Recalde Law Firm so we can take the steps ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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