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Houston Workers’ Comp Lawyers

Understanding Your Rights in the Work Place

Are you looking to file for workers’ compensation benefits after an on-the-job injury? Individuals who suffer workplace injuries rely on workers’ compensation in order to cover their many expenses associated with the accident. For instance, if you were injured, you may miss time at work which results in lost income. You may also be dealing with high medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and more. With workers’ compensation benefits, you agree to receive compensation through the insurance rather than a lawsuit against an employer. Our Houston workers’ compensation lawyers at Recalde Law Firm, PLLC have the knowledge necessary to walk you through this process.

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How Recalde Law Firm, PLLC Helps

Utilizing more than a decade of legal experience, our team can guide you through the process of filing for workers’ compensation benefits. We work to make sure you understand deadlines, fill out paperwork correctly, and if necessary, go to trial and negotiate on your behalf.

Our Houston workers' compensation attorneys can help you with:

When you are injured at work, you need someone on your side to help you obtain benefits. Our team is passionate about helping workers in need. In order to provide you with a strong chance at a favorable outcome, we aim to keep you involved and informed in the entire process.

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Should you choose us to handle your case, you can benefit from working directly with our Houston workers' compensation attorneys. This allows you to always express your concerns and questions to the person handling your case. Your needs are our top priority.

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